SIRON Dry Deluge Testing

SIRON Patented Dry Deluge Test

By utilizing our patented Dry Deluge Testing technology, we can extend the life expectancy of not only the deluge system itself, but also the expensive production equipment.

We achieve this by utilizing vapor instead of corrosive sea water to conduct the deluge test.

By carrying out periodic dry testing we can confidently say, and the results have proven, that our tests are equal to and in some cases superior to the tradition wet testing method, while at the same time meeting the requirements for wet testing as stipulated by the regulatory bodies.

With our Dry Testing method, we can also allow the operator or asset owner to save on operational and maintenance costs as no corrosive water is been sprayed on the protected areas.

These results have been verified by a 3rd party accreditation institute.

  • Siron Dry Deluge Testing meets the criteria stipulated by:

  • • NFPA 25 Chapters 8, 10, 11, 13
  • • FM Global Datasheets 2-81, chapters 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.8, 2.3.14, tables 3 and 6
  • • CCV Technisch Bulletin 80
  • • Norsok S-001-Technical Safety, chapter 20.4.4
  • • European Commission – The Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc.) Regulations 2015
  • • NFPA 15 Chapters 6.2.4, 10.2.4, 10.2.5,
  • • Water deluge systems: Testing and performance measurements – UK HSE Offshore Information Sheet No. 1/2010
  • • API Recommended Practice 14G Fourth Edition, April 2007 – Section 7.4 Deluge and Sprinkler Systems.