About us

SIRON Dry Deluge Testing was established in 2006 as a sister branch of Dutch based SIRON Fire Protection. Because of our highly trained personnel, our small footprint on site, our quick response and the fact that we can also compete in costs, SIRON Dry Deluge Testing is the eminent partner in all services to keep your deluge system fully operational.

Our staff is fully Safe Gulf, TWIC, H2S, VCA, GWO, BOSIET, FOET and HUET trained for commissioning, maintenance and support.

  • Company Mission

    siron dry deluge testing pickupThe policy of SIRON aims to comply to the expectations of our clients with respect to all products and services. SIRON will always optimise efficiency in activities to assure that costs do not rise above standard. SIRON aims to perform its services within the time schedule agreed with clients. SIRON will comply to any desire of clients for (quality system) certification.

    SIRON aims to find durable, socially and economically responsible solutions. Laws and regulations are to be respected in the process. All services are performed to such level and depth that complicated assignments also will be treated responsibly.

    SIRON is proud of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 certification it received from DNV-GL.

  • Projects

    A6A Platform
    Stainless steel foam proportioner


    ConocoPhillips UK (on shore)
    Dry Deluge Test


    J6A Platform
    Dry Deluge Test


    K13A Platform
    Dry Deluge Test
    Sleeve valve


    Nuclear Power Plant UK (on shore)
    Dry Deluge Test


    L8P4 Platform
    Dry Deluge Test
    Corrosion inhibitor
    Sleeve valve


    P6A Platform
    1.000liter bladder tank with RAL3000 Amercoat


    Q1B Hoorn Platform
    Dry Deluge Test
    400liter bladder tank


    RAVN Platform
    Dry Deluge Test


    RAVN Platform & ENSCO Rig
    Installation deluge system on scaffold


    Siri Platform
    Inspection & maintenance


    Wingate Platform
    200liter stainless steel bladder tank with trim



SIRON Fire Protection and all of its sister branches are proudly certified for ISO 9001:2015 as well as OHSAS 18001:2017.
Both Management System Certificates reflect the attitude of SIRON towards Quality and Safety.

Go to the Documents page to download DNV-GL ISO 9001 and DNV-GL OHSAS 18001 PDF files.




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