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Since its introduction in 2010, Dry Deluge Testing has been conducted on deluge systems throughout North Western Europe and Asia, onshore and offshore. There is no limit to the size of system we can test, indeed the largest system that has been tested was in Norway and had over 1000 nozzles.

Examples are:


Offshore Gas and Oil Platforms

Fully functional deluge systems are of the utmost importance on offshore gas platforms / gas rigs. Mandatory annual testing is usually performed with sea water. This causes many problems …



Offshore Substation

A deluge, water spray or a foam system which is not fully operational can be of great danger to the workforce and equipment on an offshore substation wind platform and to the surrounding…


Nuclear Power Plants

Testing a deluge system in the traditional (wet) way in nuclear power plant is a challenge since water and electricity do not ‘mix’. Therefore, SIRON Dry Deluge Testing turned out to be a...


Chemical Plants

In the chemical plants industry, deluge testing with water poses additional problems. Apart from the known disadvantages of wet testing, another obstacle is the required discontinuation...



Atria of Offices

High level and hard to reach deluge systems, such as systems in atria of offices and deluge systems in crowded areas have proven to be difficult to be tested with water. No office or public area is...



On a moving or stationary vessel like an FPSO or FLNG deluge testing always brings disruption to normal work routines. Above that, cleaning up test water is very demanding and time consuming due...


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Ferries and RoRo

Ferry fire protection systems use seawater as a medium to extinguish fires by means of an onboard fire pump. In a real emergency then using seawater is a very effective and efficient...


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In mining continuous, effective dewatering is needed for many underground and opencast mines to enable continued operation. The water, which seeps into the shafts and galleries...


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Car Tunnels

There are many car tunnels around the world that are protected by Fixed Fire Fighting Systems (FFFS). Over the years there have been many accidents involving road vehicles so more...