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Since its introduction in 2010, Dry Deluge Testing has been conducted on deluge systems throughout North Western Europe.

Examples are:


Offshore gas/oil platforms

Fully functional deluge systems are of the utmost importance on offshore gas platforms / gas rigs. Obligatory annual testing is usually performed with sea water. This causes many problems…



Offshore substation

A deluge, water spray or a foam system which is not fully operational can be of great danger to the workforce and equipment on an offshore substation wind platform and to the surrounding…


Nuclear power plants

Testing a deluge system in the traditional (wet) way in nuclear power plants is a challenge since water and electricity do not ‘mix’. Therefore SIRON Dry Deluge Testing turned out to be the only proper…


Chemical plants

Apart from the known great disadvantages of wet testing another obstacle is the discontinuation of work process while testing. SIRON Dry Deluge Testing can be done segmented and because of the lack…



Atria of offices

Hard to reach deluge systems and deluge systems in crowded areas prove also to be difficult when testing. No office or public area wishes to be sprayed with lots of water. Cleaning up and damage…



On a moving or stationary object like an FSPO deluge testing always brings disruption of normal work routines. Above that cleaning up test water is very demanding due to the minimal space…