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In mining continuous, effective dewatering is needed for many underground and opencast mines to enable continued operation. The water, which seeps into the shafts and galleries in greater or lesser quantities depends on the properties of the bedrock and the height of the groundwater table, could otherwise lead to flooding if not removed. Annual Wet Deluge testing which is stipulated is therefore not always carried out; so it is not known if the piping and nozzles of the deluge systems are clear to be able to control a fire and are in a fit for purpose condition.

Safety and reliability are a crucial requirement for being able to extract mineral resources safely and smoothly, especially underground. The demands made on each of the solutions involved are correspondingly high.

Siron Dry Deluge Testing (DDT) uses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly vapor which is pumped through the system downstream of the deluge valve. This eliminates the requirement to utilize water as a testing medium for routine testing. By implementing a DDT protocol entire fire protection systems can be tested from the deluge valves to the most remote nozzle. DDT can detect blocked or partially blocked nozzles, blocked or partially blocked pipe work and also damaged deluge nozzles. DDT meets NFPA, NORSOK, UK HSE testing criteria and has been 3rd party independently attested for use by Bureau Veritas.

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