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SIRON Dry Deluge Testing Applications Atria Offices

Atria Offices, utility and public buildings

Atria Offices - High hanging and hard to reach deluge systems, such as systems in atria of offices and deluge systems in crowded areas have proven to be difficult to be tested with water. No office or public area is designed for being sprayed with lots of water. In order to test in a traditional way, furniture and office equipment need to be stowed away before a test can be performed. Inside building cleaning up and potential damage to furniture is a reason why tests are simply not performed. The SIRON Dry Deluge Testing in these cases is pre-eminently the best testing method.


Dry Deluge Test in an Atrium

When a deluge system test in an Atrium is not an option, you might consider using our patented Dry Deluge Test.

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