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siron dry deluge testing guidelines hse


The SIRON Dry Deluge Testing technology conforms with the HSE Section and allows other maintenance intervals to be set dependant on the results of visual inspection and operational tests (Health and Safety Laboratory RR1046 Research Report).

siron dry deluge testing guidelines norsok

NORSOK standard

Dry Deluge Testing is also in line with the NORSOK Standards; if intervals for full-scale wet testing of facilities in seawater-resistant materials give two independent successful results, the interval can be increased to a maximum of six years (Norwegian Oil and Gas recommended guidelines #075 for water based firefighting systems).

siron dry deluge testing guidelines nfpa


Dry Deluge Testing is also according to the following NFPA Standards.

NFPA 25 Paragraph
Where discharge from the system discharge devices would create a hazardous condition or conflict with local requirements, an approved alternate method to achieve full flow conditions shall be permitted. (Full Flow Test to be achieved through a Test Header and tests shall be conducted to ensure that the foam-water system(s) responds as designed, both automatically and manually.)

When tested wet or alternative method nozzles should always be checked on:

NFPA 25 Paragraph
The discharge patterns from all of the open spray devices shall be observed to ensure that patterns are not impeded by;

  • plugged discharge devices and to ensure that;
  • discharge devices are correctly positioned and that;
  • obstructions do not prevent discharge patterns from covering surfaces to be protected.

NFPA 25 Paragraph
Where obstructions occur, the piping and discharge devices shall be cleaned and the system retested.

siron dry deluge testing guidelines attested by bureau veritas

Attested by Bureau Veritas

The technology of the SIRON Dry Deluge Test has been awarded an attestation about its performance as dictated by the NFPA. This attestation is issued by Bureau Veritas (herein with the wording “the vapour Generation Unit” is meant the patented SIRON smoke generator):

Cert. No. 15ABD11103 Rev. 0

In the Clearwater attestation Bureau Veritas writes:
The SIRON 240v Vapour Generation Unit is fit for purpose and if operated as per QA 021 Rev 01 – Performance Standard for dry testing of deluge systems with the use of the SIRON 240v Vapour Generation Unit.

The Bureau Veritas inspection report 15ABD11049 Rev A also allows the use of the SIRON 110v Vapour Generation Unit as long as the unit is operated as per QA 021 Rev 01.

Correct use of the Patented SIRON Smoke generator will identify the following deluge failure modes:


Partial deluge nozzle blockage


Full deluge nozzle blockage


Full deluge pipework blockage


Partial deluge pipework blockage


Damaged deluge nozzle

siron dry deluge testing guidelines water traps in low points of pipe work

Water traps in low points of pipe work