For the global deployment of our technology, we are searching for reliable partners, willing and able to license our Dry Deluge Testing technology.

Potential partners are typically active in the maintenance, repair and/or inspection of open fire fighting systems. Most of these systems are installed in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, are applied in the production of gas and oil and in major flammable liquid storage tanks or parks. Potential partners need to bring along sufficient experience, have the required drive, ambition and strong work ethic along with having obtained all the necessary certificates required for their industry background.

A typical license agreement comprises a fixed, turn over based royalty fee, wherein SIRON provides the necessary equipment and requires a rental fee for this equipment. This means that a license partner can offer the services at a zero-sum investment. Typically the license fee is calculated on project basis, or at least on a half year basis.

SIRON has a dedicated detailed testing protocol that is certified for the offshore and onshore industries. Furthermore, SIRON provides standard testing reporting sheets with easy to use schemes such that you, as a license partner, can provide the end user/ operator with clear and understandable end results.

A license to our technology can be a great supplement to your total existing service package of your deluge maintenance services.

Please E-mail or Call +31 6 43 06 68 86 Antoon Buitenhuis for further Questions.