Dry Deluge Testing is a limited space requiring operation. Two operators can do a complete test in a few days. Exact timing will depend on the size of the deluge system. The equipment needed for a test can be shipped on a single pallet and thus comprises a small footprint. If testing is combined with maintenance of the deluge system or expansion of the existing system, a 10ft. container, with a small workshop and a series of most commonly applied spare parts will be shipped to the site.


The SIRON service container

The SIRON service container comprises a mobile workshop with equipment and the most commonly applied spare parts.Required power mains on site are a 110V, 240V or 380V power outlet of minimal 5kW capacity.


Dry Deluge Testing machine

The actual Dry Deluge Testing machine is a black ABS flight case of 70x50x40 cm weighing approximately 70 kg.





Flanges and Adapters

Additional equipment is a set of hoses for connecting the smoke generators to the deluge system, a set of flanges and adapters for the various tie-in points, a supply of liquid smoke and in some cases a toolbox.


Carbon steel pipe plugged due to corrosion

Dry Deluge Testing maintains a dry state of the carbon steel piping such that corrosion can be prevented.


Deluge System plugged due to mussels

Dry Deluge Testing prevents the formation of salt scaling in nozzles.



Nozzles plugged due to salt crystals

Dry Deluge Testing prevents corrosion, because of the absence of seawater during testing.


Titanium piping deluge system with brass nozzles plugged due to corrosion

Due to the absence of water, electrolytic corrosion can be avoided using Dry Deluge Testing


Elastopipe and titanium nozzles plugged due to mussels

Marine growth has no chance using Dry Deluge Testing.



Dry Deluge Testing protects processing equipment against corrosion

Processing equipment remains in better condition due to the absence of seawater spray with Dry Deluge Testing.


Minimize wet testing to prevent unplannend shutdowns due to water ingress in the electrical systems

Circuit boards, switch cabinets and other electrical equipment are kept dry
with Dry Deluge Testing.